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Prosperity Spiritual Mind Treatment

If you’re experiencing difficulties around money or would like to have more money in your life, here is a spiritual mind treatment to shift your consciousness from one of lack to one of prosperity:

Together, let us know:
(Repeat daily)

I know that the Spirit of life, which we call God, is whole, complete and perfect. It is Self-governing. It is Self-propelling. It is Self-supplying. Spirit ~ the Creator ~ the I AM, creates out of Itself by forming an intention within Itself.
As there is only One Spirit and One Life, I AM that One Life.
I now express the order and wisdom of Spirit. My decision is to be free of all lack and all fear of lack. I am clear. I am definite. Poverty ideas no longer function in my consciousness. I now authorize my subconscious to neutralize all such habit patterns. They are no more.
I now authorize healthy money patterns, healthy prosperity patterns. These new patterns are spiritual and are now in action in me.
I know that this is so, and act as though it were so. I am a free, creative, prosperous, generous individual, inspired by creative ideas that impel me to right action, producing right results and surplus money

I AM in appreciation and grateful that it is so.
I let it be.
 And So It Is.

Highest Love,
Harry Morgan Moses, D.D.

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